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All About the Bugaboo Babycare Brand

Published onNov 18, 2022
All About the Bugaboo Babycare Brand

If you are a new parent then the chances are that you have found yourself suddenly immersed in a huge number of babycare brands, all promising to offer the pinnacle of babycare products. You will have a good idea of the things you need, such as bottle sterilisers, strollers, bassinets and more, but for every product type there seems to be such a large range of brands to choose from that simple decisions can be more complicated than you first thought. 

One brand that is loved all over the world for its high quality, innovative babycare products is Bugaboo. This is a brand that has invested heavily in creating forward-thinking solutions to parents’ every need. The idea is that Bugaboo’s products are so simple and efficient that they can seriously enhance your family time. Basically, rather than spending 10 minutes struggling with a lesser brand’s stroller, you can instead have an extra 10 minutes in the park because your Bugaboo product will work exactly as you need and expect it to. 

About 20 years ago, their flagship pushchair made waves in the parenting world because they took a complicated idea and made it uncomplicated, instead focussing on their designs from a parent’s perspective. Bugaboo’s products aren’t only beautifully engineered and built for ease of use, they are also rigorously tested above and beyond current safety standards to ensure that a parent and their child are always safe and comfortable. 

These days, the Bugaboo brand not only brings an industry leading approach to their products, they are also working towards a more sustainable future by reducing their environmental impact wherever possible. From where and how their materials are sourced, to the conditions at their factories, Bugaboo is keeping up with the times to cement its reputation as a brand that truly cares about their customers and staff. 

The Bugaboo pushchair range

Every parent and child’s needs are different, which means there can never be a one size fits all approach to babycare products and equipment. Bugaboo has taken the time to understand what their customers really want out of their products and have invested significantly in creating a range that covers all the bases. Their areas of specialism are pushchairs, high chairs, and car seats for babies and toddlers, with many options from birth and up to about four years of age. Their pushchairs are their most popular range.

The Bugaboo Bee is a bestseller, and for good reason. This compact, city-smart design is one of the most comfortable and compact pushchairs on the market and it comes in a range of configurations to suit your needs and your baby’s developmental stage. It is perfect for navigating the streets of Singapore, and is ideal for taking on public transport because it folds down small, but even when unfolded it is small and unobtrusive. It has advanced suspension for your comfort and the comfort of your child.

Despite the Bee having larger than average wheels for a compact urban pushchair, it is not strictly speaking an all terrain option. If you will need something robust enough for all terrains then you’ll want to look into the Bugaboo Fox. This pushchair will be your best friend if you plan on taking your little one on more rugged adventures and it handles city streets, grassy hills and gravel paths with equal ease. It is extremely responsive and agile despite its larger wheel size, and it comes highly recommended by parents all over the world. For parents with more than one little in tow, there is the Bugaboo Donkey. 

You can transport two babies or toddlers side by side and is highly configurable to accommodate children of different ages. For example, you can set your Donkey up with a toddler’s seat on one side and a cot for a newborn, or two newborns, or two toddlers depending on your needs. It has large puncture proof wheels that make it easy to travel over all kinds of terrain, and incredible suspension for a smooth, comfortable ride. Every pushchair from Bugaboo is available in a gorgeous range of exclusive colours, from classic neutrals, modern black and charcoal, and plenty of fun colours and designs. 


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