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The Best Tips on Customising Your Car

Published onMar 13, 2023
The Best Tips on Customising Your Car

Aside from our homes and places of work, many of us will spend a significant amount of time in our cars. Modern life almost requires us to have a car and make daily use of them and it will surprise no one that a rich and interesting culture has cropped up around cars all over the world. For some, a car is simply a means to an end; a way of getting where you need to be. For others, a car is a way of life; something to cherish and enjoy as a passion and hobby. 

Like with our homes, those of us who love our cars do often feel the urge to apply some level of customisation with aftermarket products. This makes a car feel more like our own and can even make them more fun and more comfortable to drive and you can add a huge range of aftermarket trims and fixtures to your car to refine the way it looks and give it more personality. 

If you have a car on lease or other similar plan then you should always check to make sure your planned changes are permissible, and even if you own the car you’ll need to know which changes you can make and keep the car road legal. These are all questions you need to find the answers to before you start ordering parts or getting your car booked in for body work at a garage. Once you have the greenlight to go ahead you can make a real start on your vehicle’s upgrades.

Audio and entertainment

Audio and entertainment systems are an important feature for many drivers, especially if they love music or have passengers to entertain. A decent sound system can be installed as an aftermarket add on and there are a huge range of types to choose from. If you are still using CDs then you’ll need to have space for a CD changer, but most people connect to their car entertainment systems via a cable or Bluetooth. 


A fresh set of alloys can really transform the way your car looks and give it more personality. From sleek and cool to rugged and tough, wheel alloys come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your preferences and personal style. They are a relatively simple thing to switch up on your car though they can vary a lot in price so it’s worth keeping that in mind. You can even buy refurbished alloy wheels that are cheaper than buying brand new, though your choices will be more limited. 

Pedals and gear stick

Unless you drive an automatic you can easily switch out your standard gear stick for one that works better with your grip while looking the part. As they are an alteration in the car’s interior they are not too likely to be seen and appreciated by other road users, but they can definitely make a large difference to your personal driving experience. Pedals are similar in that they are not really something that other people will see, but they can also help you to tailor your driving experience and style. 

Wraps and decals

If you love your car but feel like switching up the way it looks on the outside in a more drastic way you might like to consider having a wrap applied to the paintwork. These are basically large self adhesive sheets that are cut to size and applied to the paintwork using techniques that leave no bubbles or creases, giving the car a perfect finish. Wraps can be used to cover the entire car, or select parts such as the bonnet or doors and come in every colour and finish you can think of. 

If you are not into the idea of covering your entire car with a wrap, you might like to add some decals instead. These tend to be much smaller than wraps, though they can still be used to cover a significant part of your car. They are a simple and relatively inexpensive way to add a lot more personality to your car or van, and most are simple enough to remove by yourself if you are ever in a position to sell the vehicle on. 

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