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Styling Tips For An Edgy Flair

Published onFeb 20, 2023
Styling Tips For An Edgy Flair

Is your wardrobe looking a little lacklustre and in need of a makeover? Suppose you’re the type to stick with the safe options - outfits that are straightforward, comfortable and somewhat unadventurous. If so, it may be time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

What does “edgy” mean in terms of fashion? 

Edgy encapsulates everything unconventional, different and innovative. While you may not be one for commanding attention, an edgy sense of style could have you turning all the right heads for all the right reasons. If this sounds like something your wardrobe could do with, here are some styling tips for channelling your inner rebel. 

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets - real or faux - are synonymous with an edgy aesthetic. With its roots in military wear, the leather jacket has seen many reinventions over the decades. From a staple of 1950s tough-guy biker fashion to a gender non-conforming political statement associated with the punk movement of the late 70s, the leather jacket has long been associated with strength, power and rebellion. 

You can add an instant edgy flair to any outfit by including a leather jacket as an outer layer. Not only will it create a fun and fashionable juxtaposition for an overly feminine ensemble, but genuine leather is water-resistant and guaranteed to keep you warm on chilly days. 


Like leather jackets, leather boots have been associated with punk culture and other bold fashion aesthetics. Invest in a good pair of leather (or plant-based alternative) boots, and they will serve you well. Fortunately, boots will generally look coherent with just about any outfit for any occasion. For example, add a pair of black boots to a simple jeans and top combo for a quick and comfortable casual look, or take inspiration from 90s fashion and style your boots with a silk cami dress layered over a plain white t-shirt. 

Band T-Shirts

It can be difficult to feel edgy and fashionable when all you want to do is throw on a comfortable outfit and get on with your daily errands. You can keep your edgy flair even when you prefer to wear pyjamas by swapping a plain t-shirt for a band shirt. You could even style a baggy band tee with a pair of high-waisted leather pants for a structured smart-casual look with a rebellious edge. 


While it may seem odd if you’ve never worn one before, harnesses are in! No longer for horses and nefarious, riské activities, leather harnesses are fantastic for adding structure and providing a provocative flair to otherwise conventional outfits. Layer a harness over an oversized button-down shirt to accentuate your figure in the same way a waist belt would. You could even wear your harness with a feminine, floaty sundress for a fashion-forward statement summer look. 


Despite what some fashion experts may think, edgy formalwear can be exceptionally elegant and appropriate for sophisticated events. For example, edgy yet chic Victoria Beckham dresses are flattering, fashion-forward and commonly worn on the red carpet. You could also amp up your individualism by styling a formal dress with statement shoes and accessories. Alternatively, you could opt for a gender-neutral suit or tailored trousers and corset top combo. 

Bold Haircuts

A great way to overhaul your aesthetic is with a drastically different haircut. While opting for a new hairdo can be initially scary, you could discover a brand new method of self-expression that you love. If you’re not keen on the idea of a significant change, you could go for a hidden undercut that can be concealed or displayed depending on how you style your hair. If you’re feeling brave, you could take the plunge and go for a cute, easy-to-style pixie cut or opt for a bright, vivid colour like pink, purple or even green. Hair grows quickly, and colour can be corrected, so why not have some fun and experiment with your barnet?

Experiment With Makeup

Experimenting with makeup can be a great way to express your creativity. While you may not be a qualified, expert makeup artist, learning a few simple techniques, such as how to do a smokey eye and how to contour, can go a long way. Edgy makeup generally takes inspiration from alternative music-based subcultures such as goth and grunge with graphic eyeliner and bold lip colours. 

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