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Pros and Cons of Gaming

Published onNov 22, 2022
Pros and Cons of Gaming

Gaming is something that many people enjoy doing daily; you can get lost in your games and spend hours without even realising it. There are some great benefits of gaming; you can make friends, learn new skills and even make a career out of it if you’re good enough. Gaming competitions pay out huge amounts of money to those that win. You can also make money by streaming your gameplay online and getting enough followers interested in watching your live gameplay. However, there are some downsides when it comes to gaming.

Spending too much time on games can be negative for your mental health; an addiction can lead to losing your job, a breakdown in relationships or your grades slipping. It’s important that you’re able to recognise when gaming might start becoming an issue. If you’re prone to addiction, there are some things you can do to try and prevent this from becoming a problem. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of gaming and how you can avoid a gaming problem.

Make new friends

Online gaming often means interacting with different people from all over the world. As part of these interactions, you might meet new people and make new friends. For people that struggle in social situations, gaming can be a way to learn new social skills that can be used outside of the gaming world. You might even choose to go to events or meet up with the friends you’ve met online in real life. Some people even form relationships with people they’ve met through gaming, which can completely change their lives for the better.

New skills 

Gaming requires you to think differently and often strategically; many games require you to try several different solutions before you can get through to the next level. These problem-solving skills can be very useful in real-life situations. When working in any field, you’re likely to be confronted with problems; being able to try different solutions and be ok with failing before you get to the right answer is a useful skill. Many PC gamers also choose to build and mod their own PCs. They find the most suitable gaming keyboard, gaming monitor, and PC components by doing in-depth research. These research, evaluation and construction skills can be used in many different careers. Don’t discount how gaming can help to shape your skills; you might even find yourself looking for a career in gaming or computer programming as a result of your gaming interests. 

Gaming addiction

Gaming can become addictive when used as a form of escapism. People might find themselves neglecting their family and friends, or their work is suffering as a result of too much gaming. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to set realistic limits for your gaming. A couple of hours a night should be enough for most people. When setting your gaming limits, make sure you enforce them. Another way to limit the possibility of gaming addiction is to make time for other activities and hobbies. Go out with friends and family and avoid saying no because it will interfere with how much you can game that evening. 

If you find you’re constantly thinking about gaming, unable to sleep or neglecting other things in your life, you might need help. Contact a professional or ask your family members to help you to take a break from playing games. Sometimes taking a break for a couple of weeks and pursuing another hobby or interest can help you to get out of the cycle of spending all of your time on games. Choose a hobby that’s going to be social or help you in terms of work, your health or your studies. You may be able to return to gaming after a short break with some regulations in place to limit the amount of time spent on games. If you’re struggling or feeling like it's impossible to stop, a professional therapist may be able to help you break the addiction.

Gaming is fun for everyone; it has benefits for children and adults. However, it's important to set limits and ensure that gaming doesn't take over your whole life. Be reflective and acknowledge your own thoughts and feelings around gaming. 


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