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Top Ideas to Help Boost Christmas Sales

Published onNov 03, 2022
Top Ideas to Help Boost Christmas Sales

If you are a small business then it can be difficult to know exactly how you can leverage the Christmas season and make the most of the peak trading season. It can feel like planning for Christmas starts ridiculously early in the year with many brands tackling the subject as early as spring, but there is a very good reason for this. Businesses that want to make the most of Christmas need to start early to make sure they have plenty of time to implement their strategies.

Whether you intend to invest a lot of time and money into your business over the festive period or are only planning some minor changes, the earlier you make your plan the better. It can be difficult to get your ideas off the ground if you leave it too close to peak times and you may find that you end up being unexpectedly busy which can interrupt your business plans. These are some of our best tips when it comes to finding simple ways to increase your sales over Christmas.

Make your marketing more appealing

Your customers are looking for enjoyable experiences when they shop with you. When they are doing their Christmas shopping, the chances are they will have spent a lot of time trawling through websites looking for the perfect gifts for their friends and family. If you can make your website feel like it stands out for all the right reasons then people will be more likely to consider buying from your company instead of a competitor. 

The same principle needs to be applied to your marketing materials. Over Christmas, there is a lot of noise coming from the advertising space and things can start to feel crowded. The trick is to create advertising materials that resonate with your audience rather than being generic. This involves understanding your audience on a deeper level because you need to know what will attract their attention in a saturated market. 

Offer add-ons

Online businesses and brick and mortar stores alike can increase their order values by giving their customers the chance to buy add-ons. In a shop these items are usually kept near the counter where they can be offered as additional products. They are often small, lower value goods such as gift bags and boxes, and many customers appreciate the ability to buy a Christmas Eve box alongside their gifts to make packaging them easier. 

Sellers with ecommerce sites can do something similar by offering gift packing as an add-on during the checkout process. You can also suggest items to your customers as they browse, or entice them to increase their order by offering multibuy offers and free delivery for orders over a certain amount. This is a strategy that works best when it’s not implemented too aggressively to give customers a bit of breathing space. 

Be clear about expectations

When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts, customers want to be reassured that everything they order will be delivered on time, and will be of a high quality. Buying gifts can be subject to time constraints, so they need to know that their order will arrive before Christmas and there will be no reasons to worry about having to send things back for refunds or replacements.

You should list your Christmas operating hours clearly online, and make sure information on order cut-offs and expected delivery dates should be easy to find. Be clear about delivery options, and make sure it is easy for your customers to reach out with queries and questions. You will need to be available to respond to these queries in a timely manner to give your customers the right impression and therefore give them confidence in your brand. 

Often, things as simple as your responsiveness to potential customers can be the deciding factor as to whether someone shops with your company or with an alternative. It is worth investing in your customer service provision around Christmas and doing so will help you ensure a sale doesn’t fall through the net. Make it clear on your website and social media channels that your customers can contact you and when they can expect a response. List your contact details clearly and link to them online. 


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