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Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Published onMar 20, 2023
Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate events are often met with dread or the feeling that employees have to attend, even if they don’t want to participate. However, this doesn't need to be the case, there are plenty of things you can do to excite your employees, customers or stakeholders, so they want to attend your corporate events. The most successful corporate events are fun for the guests; when guests have a good time, they’re likely to stay longer, feel more relaxed and get involved in discussions with other team members. Potential customers will also leave an exciting event with a positive view of the business that organised it, rather than wishing they stayed at home instead. In this article, we take a look at some fun corporate event ideas to inject some excitement into your event.

Make it thrilling

Thrilling team bonding exercises are perfect for events that are aimed at bringing together everyone in the company to build relationships. By taking part in exciting activities that they wouldn’t usually do, such as rock climbing or go-karting, you can help employees to bond. In addition, these elements of corporate events feel more like a treat for employees, as opposed to something they need to attend to keep their manager happy. There are so many options when it comes to thrilling activities; try to choose something that relates to your industry and is suitable for all of your employees or the people attending the event. No one should feel left out at any company event. 

Invite dogs along

Everyone loves an office dog; they cheer up the working environment and help people relax and calm down when things get stressful. A fun way to make an event more enjoyable is to invite well-behaved pets along to the corporate event. Employees can bond over their shared love of animals, and it's great for those that struggle with leaving their pets at home alone. For this to work, you’ll need to make sure you have lots of dog-friendly areas in your workplace and access to an outside area where the dogs can go for a toilet break.

Take things international 

If you want to create an experience for your guests, invite them to an event hosted in a different country with beautiful weather and scenery. Malta is a great place to host corporate events; the island is relatively small and has lots of activities suitable for all guests. Planning a corporate event in a different country can seem like an impossible challenge; however, if you work with a Malta DMC (destination management company), they will do all of the hard work for you. They will also use their local connections to get you a great deal and make sure everyone has the best time. This is a great opportunity to treat your employees to something extra special or gain new business from international clients. 

Make the food interesting

Food is often a big part of a corporate event, and providing a boring buffet of finger sandwiches isn’t going to excite your guests. There are many different ways you can make your food exciting and provide a different experience for your guests. Food trucks are one potential option; these will create exciting dishes for your guests to enjoy. A few types of food trucks will give your guests a choice of what to eat and help cater to all preferences. Another way you can spice up the food on offer is to hire a professional chef to cater the party. Taster menus are always a big hit for anyone who loves food; a professional chef can create a spectacular taster menu that’s relevant and suitable for your event. This level of thought and creativity will make your guests happy, and look forward to your next event. 

When organising any corporate event, take the time to ask everyone involved what aspects of other events they’ve enjoyed and what can be improved. Even small elements, such as a glass of champagne on arrival or a company cocktail, can make events more exciting and interesting for guests. You can even ask your employees if they’re invited to make suggestions for the event that they would find exciting and interesting. 

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