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How To Use Natural Textures In Your Home

Published onFeb 06, 2023
How To Use Natural Textures In Your Home

Everybody wants a beautiful, functional home for themselves and their families. Home decor affects everything from productivity to self-esteem through layout and colour palettes. Another aspect of home decor capable of triggering emotional responses is the presence or lack of natural materials and textures. It is generally considered that natural textures contribute towards a holistic and calming environment, evoking a sense of wellness and tranquillity. Furthermore, the use of raw materials is significantly beneficial for the environment. 

If you want to incorporate more natural textures and materials into your home, consider the following suggestions. 

Hardwood Flooring

Elegant, durable, and highly resistant to damage, it’s easy to see why hardwood flooring is a desirable feature in a home. Hardwood flooring is exceptionally easy to care for, and can be easily swept, vacuumed and steam cleaned to remove allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander. If your home was constructed before the 1960s, you might discover stunning hardwood floors hidden under your modern carpets. 

Leather Seating

Leather may be divisive, but its elegant luxury is enjoyed by many. Timeless and stylish, leather upholstery provides a chic, dignified aesthetic, ideal for elevating any room with a noble grace that is perpetually fashionable. Leather seating is stain-resistant and easy to clean, lasting up to 25 years when cared for correctly. Furthermore, leather is naturally hypoallergenic, easy to clean and more likely to withstand wear and tear when compared to other upholstery fabrics. 

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture continuously cycles back and forth into the forefront of interior design fashion, although it’s primarily associated with a “boho” aesthetic. Lightweight and cost-effective, rattan furniture adds personality and charm to any room and is highly resistant to most types of damage. A set of rattan dining chairs will give your dining room a rustic quality with a modern edge, whereas a rattan swinging egg chair can be a wonderfully quirky retro addition to your garden or porch.


Earthenware is a form of pottery made from clay that has not fired to the point of vitrification - usually between 1,000 °C and 1,150 °C. Due to these lower firing temperatures, earthenware ceramics are relatively porous compared to stoneware and porcelain, resulting in beautifully rustic pottery that is often used for tableware. Earthenware clay is easy to work with, making it the go-to choice for amateur potters. Decorate your kitchen shelves and display cabinets with perfectly imperfect earthenware mugs, dishes and teapots for a traditional, rustic aesthetic. 

Stone Countertops 

The remarkable strength and durability of stone make it ideal for a number of uses around the home. Granite kitchen countertops are renowned for their damage resistance, elegant appearance and ability to boost a home’s value. Although granite is naturally resistant to bacteria, it is porous, and as such, experts advise homeowners to reseal their countertops at least once a year. Stone can also be used as an excellent flooring material or as the main component of a magnificent solid stone staircase


The many positive characteristics of houseplants make them a welcome addition to any home. Not only can houseplants add a beautiful verdant quality to an environment, but they have natural stress-relieving, mood-boosting properties. If you’re relatively new to plant ownership, start with low-maintenance varieties like spider or snake plants. Other species, such as bonsai trees and Boston ferns, may require a little extra care and attention, but such beauty is worth the effort. 

Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

Kind to both your skin and the environment - organic cotton is arguably the best material you could choose for your bed sheets. Organic cotton is sustainably grown without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, making it, by far, the most sensible option for sensitive skin. Furthermore, cotton is naturally breathable and anti-moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and dry during hot summer nights. 

Shapes Inspired By Nature

While incorporating natural textures and materials into your home is the best way to bring the outdoors in, it is also worth considering decor inspired by nature. For example, honeycomb-shaped mirrors and wall hangings are currently extremely popular. Bees have long been a symbol of positivity, so it’s easy to see why bee-themed and honeycomb-shaped motifs are so well loved. You could also use other natural items as ornamentation, such as driftwood and pinecones. 

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